Step 1: Upload class data:

Watch videos linked at the top for detailed instructions.

The CSV file MUST contain the following column headings: -case sensitive.





The following are optional column headings:



You can download a sample class CSV file, see how the data should be structured, and try the tool by uploading into the tool below.

Step 2: Specify team sizes:

After you have updloaded your class data, adjust the size sliders until you are happy with the allocation. You can then review and download the resulting class data on the tab to the right.

Step 3: Review/download data:

Please click on the tab at the the top of the right half of this page. You can download the resulting class data as a CSV file -for upload into your LMS.

This tool was developed by Joel Moore . If you found it useful, please consider sending feedback by email, or tagging me on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

My thanks to Felix Nobis, Mathias Stevenson, and Carmen Sapsed for input in its development.

Here you can see the size and distribution of attributes for each group. They will adjust as you move the approximate group size slider.

Distribution of students across their preferences.

That is, how many students get their top preferences.


Distribution of students in groups (by attribute).


Here you can see and download the group allocation for all students.

Download Your Class-Group List