About Me


Dr. Moore

I am a Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Education in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

The web applications below are designed to facilitate better face-to-face engagement with students. They are are designed in R with Shiny. If you are interested in the code used to produce these applications, let me know.

Select Educational Web Applications

Peer Assessment: Pool Distribution of Group Grades

This application allows the lecturer to distribute a set of unique 'keys' to students. This key contains information about a secure Google Sheets document owned by the instructor (and shared with the application). Once the student inputs their key, the application will identify the student's fellow groupmates and ask them to provide written feedback to their peers and use the pool distribution of group marks method of allocating peer grades.

Select Educational Web Applications

Extracting Comments from Slack

This app will allow you to extract all of the messages from your simulation Slack Team and download them as a CSV file. For it to work, you must be the Owner of the Slack channel and follow the two steps below.

Select Educational Web Applications

Trust but Verify: Grading Student Preparation

This application allows the lecturer to enter their class roster (by linking a Google Sheet or uploading a CSV file) for tutorial/discussion section, have students input their level of preparation at the start of class, randomly select three 'prepared' students, and collecting the grades for the day (by downloading an updated CSV file or appending their Google Sheet with a new worksheet).

Select Educational Web Applications

Distributing Students to Groups

This app will allow you form class groups based on student group preference orderings.