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The green dilemma facing car industry suppliers

Suppliers in the automotive industry are facing difficult decisions about retooling factories for the electric vehicle revolution just as the world’s leading car makers are signalling that EVs are not the only way forward they are considering. This all makes investment decisions more complex.

A year of living dangerously

The only certainty the shipping industry can rely on in 2024 is that it will be a year of uncertainty and unexpected shocks to the established order of world trade.The companies that will emerge strongest from this period of unpredictability will be the most agile, both in deploying their financial resources and adjusting quickly to changing geopolitical or environmental factors.

A quantum leap for customer service

Financial services companies will face increased pressure this year to prove that their products are trusted by customers – and do not lead to them being worse off.  

Checking in for a year of growth

International hotel operators, owners and investors are looking to the future with confidence after a remarkably strong year in which astute resource management and increased digitisation have helped sharpen performance and boost profitability.

A blockbuster year in media with many plot twists

Everything has changed in the media landscape in the aftermath of the Hollywood strikes that united writers and actors last year. The result is 2024 will see the emergence of new business models, AI embedded in the creative process and the emergence of new centres of production.

The new playbook for property investors

The global real estate sector is experiencing changes that will redefine the concept of a core property portfolio. Emerging categories will attract more funds while some traditional segments fall from favour amid concerns over occupancy, value and underwriting risk.

The pace quickens towards net zero

The pace of transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is likely to pick up in 2024 after the unexpected support among world leaders for energy transition at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.A communique that signalled the world was moving “away from fossil fuels” represents the first agreement on the phasing out of coal, oil and gas in almost three decades of negotiating.

A fourth industrial revolution? It is only just starting

The digital transformation we are witnessing in manufacturing and distribution has been likened to a fourth industrial revolution and the rate of innovation will accelerate in 2024.

Hybrid working boosts business efficiency

A significant majority of mid-sized companies in key economies believe that hybrid working has had a positive impact on productivity and have increased support for this flexible way of operating since the global pandemic.Support for working from home has increased across all sectors apart from hospitality and tourism, according to a Moore Intelligence survey conducted among almost 2,000 business leaders in 12 key economies.

Focus on sustainability unlocks business potential

Embracing ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles and practices generates a significant revenue boost for ambitious mid-sized companies, according to a wide-ranging Moore Intelligence survey.

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